Inauguration of Priyadarshini Seva Mandali and NEST Home

 For nearly a decade, Priyadarshini Seva Mandali has been doing a noble service by providing a secured shelter to the orphaned and abandoned senior citizens in its NEST HOME. We have also been providing nutritious food and good health. There are about 180 senior citizens who take shelter in our NEST HOME. They all live a happy life sharing their joys and sorrows. But this is the biggest challenge. We were literally surviving on donations. Undaunted, we decided to have our own building, for this will cut down the major expenses like Rent. We planned and moved ahead. Fortunately, it was around this time, we happened to meet one of the finest philanthropists, Smt Suma Kanakala gaaru, who is also one of the most famous television anchor and a star media celebrity!


The Fortunate Meeting with Smt Suma Kanakala gaaru

In our quest for funds for the construction of our new building, on one of the occasions, we happened to meet Smt Suma gaaru. Amidst exchanging of pleasantries, she learnt about our Priyadarshini Seva Mandali, Our NEST HOME, and our noble mission of serving the traumatized orphaned, none to care senior citizens. She visited our NEST HOME and was very much pleased at our efforts. She was apprised of our plans to have our own building. She has come forward and promised to help her raise donations for the construction of our new building.


Suma Garu Is Like a Forte Of Strength To PSM And NEST HOME

What a compassionate lady she is! She was impressed by our noble mission. She heard us patiently. She understood all our problems. She talked to the inmates at NEST HOME and gave them a moral support and courage. She then promised to stand by us thick and thin. She indeed stood by us rock solid; and helped raise funds for the construction of our new building. Her personal interest and efforts of her wonderful organization, Festivals for Joy has really boosted our spirits and pushed us forward in constructing our new building. Once again thanks to Suma gaaru!

Indeed, Suma Kanakala gaaru has become our patron, well-wisher and advisor. The role of her Organization, Festivals for Joy has been an immense help to us and our NEST HOME in having our own new building.

So therefore, would any event or celebration of NEST HOME go without the gracious presence of Smt Suma Kanakala gaaru. In fact, her presence breathes life into our PSM and its NEST HOME. Once again, PSM and NEST HOME, its management, staff and inmates deeply expresses their heartfelt thanks to Smt Suma Kanakala garu and her Wonderful Organization, called Festivals for Joy.  

PSM and NEST HOME Thanks All The Guests, Who Attended the EventIn the same breath, PSM also gladly acknowledges the Hon’ble presence of Shri Gudem Mahipal Reddy Garu, MLA Patancheru, on the occasion of the inauguration of our NEST HOME’s  New Building on 24th August, 2023, at our premises at Sri Vani Nagar, Ameenpur, Sanga Reddy Dist, Telangana.

We also thank our Special Guest, Shri Thummala Pandu Ranga Reddy garu, Chairman, Ameenpur Municipality; and other hon’ble guests, Smt Kalpana Upendar Reddy garu, Councillor, 3rd Ward, Ameenpur; Shri Potluri Srinivas Rao Garu, CMD Rhodium Group; Smt Paidipally Rohini Satyanarayana Garu, 56th Divn Corporator Khammam; Smt Dr. V Rukmini Rao Garu; Secretary, Gramya Resource Centre for Women; and not the least our lively anchor, Swathi Bolishetty, RJ, Writer and Speaker.

Our Motto is to make every festival a festival of true joy from within…

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