Sankranti Joy: Maduri Siva Family’s Compassionate Gift of Empowerment and Agricultural Prosperity

On the occasion of Sankranti, we are thrilled to announce a compassionate gesture from our esteemed donors, the Maduri Siva family, residing in Singapore. The Maduri Siva family’s thoughtful contribution not only exemplifies the true essence of Sankranti but also highlights the significance of community engagement and empathy. By providing a valuable asset like a cow and calf, they are empowering a family with sustainable resources and fostering agricultural prosperity. This heartfelt gesture is a testament to the shared values of compassion and mutual assistance, creating a positive impact on the lives of those who receive this benevolent gift. In this season of joy and celebration, the Maduri Siva family’s act of kindness serves as an inspiring example of how individuals can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

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