Ugadi Gratitude: NATS’ ‘Festivals for Joy’ Initiative Empowers Student Education

As we rejoice in Ugadi, marking the start of the Telugu New Year, our hearts overflow with gratitude and happiness. This year feels extra special as we take a moment to appreciate the wonderful impact of ‘Festival for Joy’, a beautiful initiative led by the Northern America Telugu Society (NATS). More than just a festivity, ‘Festival for Joy’ is like a warm hug, spreading kindness and unity wherever it goes.

In this moment of reflection, we want to send a big thank you to NATS for their constant support and dedication. Their belief in coming together as a community has made ‘Festival for Joy’ a shining example of love and hope for many.

At the core of ‘Festival for Joy’ is its mission to help others through education. NATS has generously supported countless students, making sure they have the chance to follow their dreams, no matter what. It’s amazing to see how this support has changed lives, with many students not only finishing school but also finding success in their careers.

As we celebrate Ugadi and the spirit of ‘Festival for Joy’, let’s keep spreading kindness and joy in our communities. Inspired by NATS’s kindness, let’s continue to make the world a brighter place for everyone.

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