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"Festivals for Joy“ began To celebrate festivals with a purpose, to bring joy and empower people, to connect the beneficiaries and donors . There is a lot of fun and frolic in every festive season as friends and family gather to celebrate these auspicious occasions. We make a conscious effort to spread the joy of the festivals to those who are less fortunate. Nothing could be better than extending a portion of that fortune to the needy in the form of donations . Donate on any one festival and you will experience the really happiness from within . The primary focus is in spreading joy during the festive season.

Festivals for Joy' is an initiative of Suma Kanakala.

Our motto is to make every festival a true celebration of joy from within. We recognize that numerous needs and dreams must be met. We connect donors to beneficiaries .Also we look forward to making crowdfunding the go-to method for raising funds for the needy to impact social activities, and organizations .We are committed to transforming the world through innovation, as well as the lives of those of us who require support. Suma Kanakala's initiative, "Festivals for Joy," aims to be of service to humanity.

Our Vision

The vision of Festivals for Joy is to create a platform for empowering people and bringing all stakeholders together for collective thought and action toward a common goal and to complete the work sustainably. The goal is to spread these ideas and to get more and more people on board with us as partners .We’re creating a trusted and vibrant ecosystem fueled by important ideas and with people who think alike .

FFJ Founder

Suma Kanakala stands out as an acclaimed television host, actress, and producer, predominantly active in the Telugu television scene. Throughout her three-decade-long career, she has garnered a substantial fan base owing to her unique blend of humor and adeptness at fusing contemporary elements with traditional values. Her widespread popularity is a testament to her skill in seamlessly conveying thoughts, despite not being a native Telugu speaker. This, coupled with her sharp wit and captivating demeanor, has propelled her to a position of high esteem among television presenters.

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