'Festivals for Joy' has successfully completed 1 year

Our motto is to make every festival a true celebration of joy from within. We, at Festivals for Joy takes up one cause each festival and connect donors to beneficiaries. In the last 1 year, we have taken up numerous causes including Education, Rehabilitation for Women, Health, Innovation etc., We would like to thank all our donors who came forward to support every cause we took up. We thank our partner foundations and trusts for walking with us hand in hand. We will continue to strive year after year to achieve greater things.

Our Achievements So Far

Economic Rehabilitation of 10 Women (Trafficking Survivors) – Groceries and Medical help for 1 year to 10 Women – Construction of Park in Prajwala Premises for kids (Trafficking Survivors) – Setting up Think & Make Lab for children at Sri Siddhartha High School, Kavadiguda – Cancer Screening Camp for Women and Health Check-ups for Men from TV & Film Federation Unions and their families – Distribution of 600+ Deskits across 7 schools – Fees Payment throughout their education for 30 studen

Festivals For Joy

Make Every Festival A Festival Of True Joy From Within…

You can help us develop a healthy and happy society by donating even a small amount.
Keep in mind that every contribution counts. This is an initiative by Suma Kanakala.
We provide comprehensive support through holistic initiatives integrating health, nutrition, gender, education, and livelihoods
through Festival for Joy distinctive programs.
Is there anything else you can do to assist us?

1. Like and share posts from our social media accounts to spread the word about the facts, stories, and effects.
2. Please send us your feedback, questions, and emails!
3. Spread the word about our initiative to get more people involved!

What We Do

Partner With Us

We welcome and invite individuals and organizations to join forces with us in our upcoming initiatives and campaigns. Your collaboration can make a significant difference in our shared goals and endeavors. If you are interested in participating or offering your support, we kindly ask you to share your contact information and details with us. This way, we can establish a connection, explore potential opportunities for cooperation, and work together towards our mutual objectives.

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festival is a gathering of people to celebrate something. It can also refer to a one day or more when people in a country have a holiday so that they can celebrate something. Festivals may be religious or national.

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India’s distinct tradition and culture are reflected in its rich and lively festivals. Suma Kanakala, regardless of religion or caste in the country, draws people closer together and creates a strong tie of humanity using the ‘Festival for Joy’ platform during festivals. We certainly provide millions of reasons to rejoice with so many festivals to celebrate!

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