How Festivals for Joy Programs Works

Festivals for Joy is a non-governmental organization (NGOs) which is helping in critical change in promoting economic growth, and social progress to people that are underprivileged. We partner with various people to deliver assistance in which we work and to promote inclusive economic growth, strengthen health and education at the community level.

This is an initiative by Suma Kanakala, where the team is committed to transforming the world through innovation, as well as the lives of those who require support. This has started with an idea to celebrate festivals with a purpose, which brings joy to people, by empowering them in various areas of life.
The program runs a lot of different events that bring fun and frolic to families, friends and individuals that are less fortunate. We believe that nothing gives us more pleasure than expending a portion of our fortune to the needy. So we firmly believe in helping in the form of donations, and our primary focus is mainly during the festive season.
Festivals for Joy recognizes – the NGO for youth development has programs that aid the numerous needs and dreams of individuals. So we work with donors to beneficiaries and also crowd-funding methods to raise funds. With all the amount we collect, we work on making an impact through social activities by providing support through integrating health, nutrition, gender, education and livelihoods through various programs. We are committed to transforming the the world through innovation, as well as the lives of us who require support.
Suma Kanakala, the woman behind it all, has the vision to help humanity and she believes that our contribution to this idea can make a big difference in the underprivileged lives. She also encourages people around to help in whatever way possible, and together help lead a fulfilled life. Our participation in all these events give us fresh information, new knowledge, new partners, new funds and other benefits. It’s great to know that people all across the world are applauding this initiative for its efforts in giving back to society.

Here are a few things you can do to contribute to a healthy and happy society.

1. Like and share posts from our social media accounts to spread the word about the facts and stories.
2 . Please send us your feedback, questions, and emails.
3 . Spread the word about our initiative to get more people involved!
Looking forward to a brighter and better future as we all move towards this initiative with a stronger intent


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