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India is a country of many cultures and it emphasizes the importance of cultural diversity. We are a nation filled with diverse ideas, perspectives, and beliefs that enhance our vision of a better society. So India is generally termed as Multiculturalism, where all the cultures are valued.

For a very long time, ethnically and culturally diverse people have poured into India, settled here, and assimilated into its mosaic. Every community, while interacting and being influenced by others, retained its own identity, customs, beliefs, and ways of life. India is truly a culture of cultures.

Initially, in India, Hinduism has played a major role in shaping the culture and character of the country. It believed in freedom of thought and expression. It encompasses different forms of beliefs among people. Hinduism is also the foundation of a general spirit of tolerance and acceptance of other beliefs.

The Muslim rule from the 11-12th century brought in a mixed legacy. Culturally it brought about outstanding creative achievement. The Muslim rule in India brought about a major change in Indian life overall – art, architecture, music, dressing sense, cuisines, language, and aesthetic sensibility. It was a great mix of cultures that brought different people together, accepting cultures openly.

British colonial rule replaced the Muslim rule, adding more layers to our cultures. India’s exposure to the West was both deliberating and nourishing. On one hand, colonial rule devalued Indian civilization by claiming and justifying the ‘civilizing mission’ of Britain. On the other hand, the work of great European Indologists helped India rediscover her classic literature, forgotten wisdom, and values.

With all this history that we had, India is the most complex and diverse society on Earth today. Apart from these major backgrounds, India has other minor and smaller but important dominations. Due to this, we are a multicultural nation that celebrates a large number of festivals, speaks many languages, and has a varied cultural identity.

Unfortunately due to our multiculturalism, there’s a lot of disturbance that’s been caused too. Hence it’s very
Important to draw up a character of this woke culture’s responsibilities. Here are a few things we will all need to follow to be living in peace and harmony:

  1. Respect everyone’s faiths, beliefs, and values.
  2. Only promote the right understanding of religion with open-mindedness.
  3. Understand and appreciate justice, peace, equality, love, compassion, non-violence truth, and human dignity.
  4. Highlight the role of religion only as a promoter of peace and new cultures instead of birthing conflict.

Besides all of this, the people of India must retain the right to have and express all the differences within region and religion. We all must be living in unity in diversity.

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