Festivals can be used as an opportunity to serve humanity

We at Festivals For Joy believe that festivals are an excellent time to start thinking about helping other people, especially to those who are in need of support and care. This could include providing food, clothing, sweets, crackers and toys for families that can’t afford the basic needs, and help them experience the joys of festivals. In giving warmth, love and hope, it fills their hearts and uplifts them to live a better life.

We truly believe that supporting the cause of the less fortunate is a great way to celebrate any festival. If you are charitably inclined, here are some significant ways you can make the festival time great for India’s most underprivileged and marginalized demographic, its children.

  • Pay a visit to your neighborhood children’s homeless and poor shelter. Visit their home with gifts and smiles. Gifting toys, candies, and perhaps helpful gifts like pens, notebooks, coloured pencils, etc. give them a part of their lost childhood. A lot of shelters and orphanages frequently plan sizable “melas” for the neighborhood and offer handmade items. Purchase them and publicly express your admiration for the artistry to inspire these kids.
  • Donate to NGOs, it’s always good to donate to orphanages where the leadership works closely with children, communities and governments on the biggest challenges that they face today, which includes education, nutrition, trafficking, violence, and abuse.
  • You can help give new life to millions of children affected by exploitation, by creating a stronger voice for them.


In conclusion, with your help during the festival times, the underprivileged can light up their life, and help children escape lives of dark oppression. Your small donation can go a long way in ensuring that one less child drops out of school, and gets their next nutritious meal in a safe and nurturing environment.

Festivals for Joy conducts various programs and are also supported by CSR programs from some of the biggest corporations, and that’s where we have found our calling. We work closely in times of emergency, and where synergy can make it possible to give every child a future. And we believe that living a true life is to help someone in need.

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