Education is the key to replace an empty mind with an open one

Education is the key to replacing an empty mind with an open one! These words by Malcom Forbes are rightly said in every sense, and show the importance of education that would bring a transformative impact to society and the world. This shows us the importance of education and how it is all of our duty to push for educating ourselves and the ones around us, as it gives all of us our distinct identity and place in the society.

When we talk about education, it doesn’t only mean about the subjects we learn from schools or colleges, but it is also about educating ourselves about the
importance of self evaluation, emotional intelligence and how it helps the world live in harmony. Education is a continuous process of learning right from when a child is born. It is the only way a person is shaped, and his perspectives are changed overtime. It is how a person’s mind is exposed to opportunities and ways in which he can explore and understand his strengths and weaknesses.

The more we explore the world, the more we respect and understand the world through a better and matured lens. It is also a process that takes each individual
on his own journey and situations in life to learn them in very different ways. Society teaches us examples every day and gives us an opportunity to learn from scenarios, and make wise decisions that make the world a better place.

As a responsible citizen, we must always keep an open mind to the situations around us, educate ourselves, help educate the ones around us, as it would only lead to a better and progressive society. Education clearly is the key to a progressive world that would open us all up to bigger and better opportunities! Education is thus a necessity and not an accessory.

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