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Things to know about Donating Money to a Charitable Trust

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There’s no greater joy than the joy of giving and sharing. Any little act of kindness we show towards one another, no matter how little, will always add up to bigger and more beautiful changes. Donating money is one of the many ways you can contribute to helping bring about that change. Donating to an NGO ensures your money goes to the right cause, is utilized in the best way possible, and has a greater impact. While choosing the right NGO to donate to can be a tough task, here are a few points to keep in mind before deciding. 

Cause of the NGO This is the most important aspect of your decision-making process. Make sure you choose an NGO that works towards a cause that is close to your heart. Identify what’s important to you, your vision, and your morals in life, and ensure the organization supports that in every way. 

1. Trustworthy
Before you make any huge amounts of donations to any NGO, do your own research about the organization, the leadership, and the committees running it. Understand their methods and programs that help further your cause. It is always safe to donate to a registered NGO. It is advisable to make a couple of visits before you decide

2 . Transparency 
A lot of the NGOs offer transparency in their financials and how they spend the money they’ve contributed. Bills or receipts are always given to you. You can always check back on the progress with the organization or on their social media. 

3 . Tax Benefits 
Not all Donations offer tax benefits, but a few registered NGOs do. The donations made are exempted from tax under section 80G of the Income Tax. It’s an added benefit if you’re looking to make large amounts of donations. 


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